Welcome to Savannah Rachel Photography!

Hey there! So glad you stopped by. I’m so glad you made it!

I’ve kept a journal off and on for most of my life, but that was really just forSavannah2 me, to express thoughts, feelings, emotions, things going on in my life, ideas, dreams. In the blogosphere, you are writing and sharing information with the world!! A scary thought! But, I am going to give it a sincere effort. I will share and create what I hope will be meaningful and interesting content. I will let you all into my world and hope that it means a little of something in the broad scheme of things.

This space is more than a showcase for my work, assignments or sessions. There will be all that, of course: highlights of cool and interesting assignments, projects I’m brewing up, etc. But I am more than my work.  My life and interests revolves around family, art, spirituality, passion, creative vision, culture, work, interesting people, travel AND photography. I hope to bring all those things together on this journey.

Leave a comment or just say “hi!” to let me know you came through these parts. Oh, don’t forget to click the ‘follow” button. Let’s stay in touch!

Abundant Blessings

Savannah Rachel

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