Catching up on the Business Side of my Business

Got an extension to file my taxes!!

I cannot express how much I absolute detest the concept of taxation! UGH!!

I will save that rant for another forum. As I was preparing to engage in my annual last minute document gathering, spreadsheet updating and file folder stuffing marathon leading up to actually filing my taxes, I thought about the state of my business right now. In January of this year, I outlined some goals and areas that I wanted to focus on this year. Most of those have been unmet. My business has been in flux the first four months of this year. As such, financial resources to meet some of those goals has also been in flux.

I decided that once I finish this paper chase marathon, I will sit down again, and re-evaluate some of the things that I plan to do the second half of this year to build my brand, grow my client base and increase revenue.


Note to Self: “Self, you need to accomplish the following in the next 15 days!!

Attend the Chicago Small Business Expo for networking Opportunities.

Create referral Cards for Belly Bump and Indigo Child Photography Services

Create a Model Call for 2 Belly Bump Clients, 2 Infants, 2 Couples Sessions


Let me know what you think!

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