A Little Rainy Day Project

I LOVE fresh flowers! When I had a yard, I grew a cutting garden from which I would pick beautiful blooms for my home almost daily in Spring and Summer. I also grew varieties that simply beautified the landscape and soothed the eye.  Now, I’m limited to growing things in containers on the balcony and the Veranda, soContinue reading “A Little Rainy Day Project”

Recently I had a small gathering of friends over for drinks on the Veranda. Nelson + Alice are two of my dearest friends and fellow art junkies. I love, love, LOVE this couple! They’re funny, silly, witty (especially Nelson), interesting and crazy in love with each other! I shot a few images of them as we allContinue reading

Welcome June and Happy B-Day to My Favorite June Babies!

Hello June! Welcome! I love June. It is a month that signals the arrival of summer for me. Living in Chicago the arrival of June means there will be no more chance of a renegade snowfall and I can finally, finally put away my hand warmers!! It means the end of school days and theContinue reading “Welcome June and Happy B-Day to My Favorite June Babies!”