Welcome June and Happy B-Day to My Favorite June Babies!

Hello June! Welcome!

I love June. It is a month that signals the arrival of summer for me. Living in Chicago the arrival of June means there will be no more chance of a renegade snowfall and I can finally, finally put away my hand warmers!!

It means the end of school days and the beginning of  long days languishing in the sun, on the beach, in the parks. Relaxing afternoons strolling flea markets and yard sales. Cool mornings buying veggies and plants at farmer’s markets. Chill nights sitting with friends on the Veranda or on the balcony.

June is also a favorite month because some of my favorite people were born in June. Here are some vintage images of my favorite June babies. 🙂

June 16, 1912 – My maternal Grandmother Leola Delores (Wilson) Caesar.

Mother Leola


Also born on June 16, 1927  – My beautiful Mother-In-Law, the late Beverly M. (Webb) Verdin


Mama Bev


And then my favorite June babies, born on June 8, 1980, my twin sons Langston and Gideon Verdin – Williams! Shown her at about 2 years old with their Aunt Amber (my lil sis!)




Let me know what you think!

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