It’s okay to take a break now and then…..

Flowing in and with Spirit. Every desire is met.

Sometimes, I just have to take a break. Sit in the Silence. Be in the Moment. Stop self-chatter. Still the voices around me. Deflect the negative energy swirling all around me. For me, nature is often the centering element. Nature helps focus me, calm me, inspire me, reassure me. Reassure? Yes! When I observe nature, I am reminded that the Earth provides all the needs of a plant. Roots reach out to gather whatever is needed to sustain and nurture and grow a plant or a tree. All that is needed for the plant or tree to flourish is right there, immediately available!

From hard places springs beauty. From hard times springs truth.

It is a strong reminder to me that all I have to do is KNOW that all is well; that all my needs are already met; that there is an infinite supply for every demand. The Creator satisfies and provides the desire of EVERY living thing. That includes me!

Let me know what you think!

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