A Little Rainy Day Project

I LOVE fresh flowers!

When I had a yard, I grew a cutting garden from which I would pick beautiful blooms for my home almost daily in Spring and Summer. I also grew varieties that simply beautified the landscape and soothed the eye.  Now, I’m limited to growing things in containers on the balcony and the Veranda, so I regularly buy flowers at farmer’s markets during the Summer and at the grocer’s during Winter. I was a cloudy, rainy day yesterday and I was really in need to something to uplift my spirit. I made my weekly trip to the market and bought an armload of flowers for the kitchen, the office, the guest room and for the living room. I didn’t really have a specific place in mind for these cute daisies so I decided to create a little centerpiece for the Veranda.

I also collect baskets. I try to use what I collect but sometimes I collect them because they are just so beautiful! I came across this beautiful vintage basket the other day as I was cleaning the laundry room (of all places)! I think I used it in the past for cutlery when I had cookouts, but I hadn’t used it in a while. I also hate to through out glass jars! Every time I empty one, I think to myself “there has GOT to be a use for this!!” I save some for storing little items like screws, beads, etc., and others I simple put away, hoping for some inspiration to trigger a new purpose for them. I used two mayo jars for this centerpiece. I think it turned out alright! 🙂



Let me know what you think!

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